Our Summer Internship Program provides work experience to students, and serves as a pipeline to attract new and diverse talent.

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Each fall, we visit the campuses of Marietta College, Penn State University, Colorado School of Mines, and California State Universities, Bakersfield and Long Beach to hold informational sessions with Geoscience and Engineering students to introduce them to Berry and the oil and gas industry. We also conduct onsite interviews for our Summer Internship Program, where students intern at Berry for the summer as part of their college education.

Each summer, we have a mix of approximately five to six interns in the Geoscience or Engineering fields who complete team projects and give presentations at the end of their internships. This helps demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what they learned during their time with us.

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Internship Programs

Add value, curiosity, and a willingness to expand your geographic and educational horizons to our organization. We are excited to extend these opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students interested in gaining practical work experience in energy production.

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Summer Hire Program

In partnership with local high schools, we seek out ambitious students to hire during the summer months, allowing them the chance to learn more about what we do in preparation for their continued education and future career goals.

"I believe a challenging career is a rewarding one. Being able to see the tangible results of hard work and how we individually add value to Berry allows me to be a product of my own decisions; therefore, making it rewarding.”

Marisol Ramirez

Vice President, Human Resources