At Berry, ESG means conducting our operations ethically, sustainably and responsibly, promoting a safe and healthy workplace, supporting and engaging the communities in which we work and serve, and developing our workforce. The oil and gas industry will remain an important part of the energy landscape and we intend to be part of the bridge to our shared future by providing energy in an ever more sustainable manner while supporting economic growth, social equity and a clean environment.

ESG at Berry

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are integrated into our overall corporate strategy and are managed within a governance structure that balances broad engagement across our organization while also providing a clear line of accountability, one of our core values – “Own It”.

The Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors and cross-functional ESG Steering Committee – led by our CEO and comprised primarily of executive and senior leadership – oversee all of our ESG risks and opportunities, including strategy development and implementation, performance and disclosure. A working sub-group proactively and strategically identifies ESG opportunities and initiatives. The incentive compensation program for our entire workforce is tied to company performance on safety and environmental responsibility, including for our executive officers. Meeting relevant corporate ESG metrics, including with respect to health and safety and spill prevention, is a part of our incentive programs for all Berry employees.