Our culture is reminiscent of a time when it wasn’t unusual for employees to work their whole life for one company. One where trust, honesty and fair dealing are a way of life. It’s a culture of balance that recognizes the need for productivity, creativity, and downtime away from work.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a company, we encourage our teams to look for areas in need of improvement at every level, and help to move our business forward. Because Berry’s employees are members of the communities where they work, our interests are aligned with the citizens living near our production areas, and we intend to be a positive presence there.

"We believe good governance is the foundation of success, which is exemplified by our strong track record of safety and environmental stewardship, our corporate culture, and the ‘Berry First’ principle that seeks a win-win approach for all of our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, the environment, and the communities where we operate."

A.T. (Trem) Smith

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Our Core Values
Stronger Together
Own It
Breed Excellence
Do The Right Thing
Empowering Our Employees

At Berry, we take an active interest in making sure all employees are fully engaged and empowered to achieve their potential. Our engagement approach centers on transparency and accountability and we use a variety of channels to facilitate open, direct and honest communication, including open forums with executives through periodic town hall meetings and continuous opportunities for discussion and feedback between employees and managers, including performance conversations and reviews. We conduct annual employee engagement surveys to understand employees’ views on a variety of topics, including our corporate culture, individual growth and development, retention, collaboration and benefits. We seek to foster a collaborative and inclusive workplace, knowing that candid discussion amongst diversity of talent and experiences drives smarter decisions, stronger performance and continuous improvement, all of which are critical to our success.